Maker Faier NC — ClockTHREEjr give-away announcement!

Challenge Extravaganza ClockTHREEjr Giveaway (-N- Stuff)

We are going to celebrate the 2011 Maker Faire North Carolina (June 18) by giving away a one-of-a-kind Maker Faire NC ClockTHREEjr complete kit courtesy of WyoLum and Hines Design Labs.

You will have to be clever if you want to win the prize.  The winner will solve 5 puzzles around the Faire at 5 different booths.  At four o’clock, a final clue will be revealed at the WyoLum booth and  The first person to solve the final puzzle will win the prize.  If the prize has not been claimed by four thirty, an additional clue will be revealed.  And clues will continue to be revealed every five minutes until the prize is claimed.

See you at the MakerFaire!


Angus Hines has design a three-tone, one-of-a-kind ClockTHREEjr faceplate to be given away on the day of the event.



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