Customer Photos!

Until we set up a flicker (or whatever those kids are using these days) gallery, we can post user photos emailed to me here.


Inside SeeedStudio, ClockTHREEjr Assembly

Nana Chou took these great production photos of the ClockTHREEjr final QC checkout.  I guess we figured these would be assembled deep inside the bowels of some enormous building.  We were pleasantly surprised by the lovely work environment at Seeed Studio.

Not only do they care about Open Source Electronics, they obviously care about the health, safety and well-being of their workers.

Way to go Seeed Studio!

Kickstarter successful! (and other news)

Forum LiveThanks to everyone who helped us get the “Word” out, wordclock that is.  Our Kickstarter project exceeded all of our expectations by an order of magnitude.

In order to prepare for builder questions, David Pincus set up a forum:  Please sign up and post a question or answer one.

The ClockTHREEjr has illustrated the viability of the WyoLum model.  The following is from our original homepage.

WyoLum is a partnership of Open Source enthusiasts collaborating on cool products.

We want to take DoItYourself to the next level of efficiency by creating a collaboration platform where guerrilla engineering-and-design teams can emerge for the duration of a project, solve a problem, disband and move on to the next project with the main goal of having fun in learning and developing as many cool and interesting projects as we can.

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