Pi Zero works with AlaMode and New Jessie Setup.


I confirmed today that the new Pi-Zero (super cheap/ super small new Raspberry Pi) works with AlaMode. As in the B+, the new GPIO connector is bigger than the old, but it’s less of a problem on the Pi-zero because of it’s small size. It’s a little hard to get a Pi-zero these days, but I managed to snag one as part of a “starter kit” from Adafruit, and since I needed the HDMI and USB OTG adapters anyway, It wasn’t a bad deal.

A help desk request came in saying there was something wrong with setup, and it turns out they changed the way startup happens in Raspbian between Wheezy and Jessie. Now getty is a simple service, and all startup services are controlled with systemctl

No more inittab, but you can download the new setup script: https://github.com/wyolum/alamode/blob/master/alamode-setup/jessie-setup
nstead of sudo ./setup, do sudo ./jessie-setup

I’ll eventually work the code back into regular setup, but I need to brush up on my bash-fu (unless someone else in the community wants to help?)