Wifit on MAC!


Maximka has figured out how to install and run wifit.py on a mac.  Thanks Max!!   Here are the copy/pasted instructions.

(1) Install MacPort [1] . I tried out MacPorts v.2.2.0 on both Mac OS 10.6 and 10.7.5. After the initial install, run the selfupdater to make sure your install is totally up to date:
     sudo port -v selfupdate
(2) Install the numpy and PIL libraries. MacPort takes care of the dependencies which is very sweet.
     sudo port install py27-numpy
     sudo port install py27-pil
(3) Download and unzip the wifit code [2]. Change into the directory and call the wifit program from the command line. It’ll open up an interactive window.
     python2.7 wifit.py
I didn’t want to remap my default python in order to play with my badge, so I call “python2.7” If you want to make the MacPort 2.7 the default do this:
     sudo port select python python27
     python wifit.py
(4) Follow the Wyolum instructions for using their awesome tool.[3]

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