The intelligent Matrix and RowGB

Anool, Kevin, and I have been working on a cool new project based on 5050-2811 RGB pixels.  We just got the first boards back and they are amazing.

  • RowGB has 16 individualally addressable 24-bit RGB LEDs and can be chained together either horizontally or vertically to make a 2D array.
  • TiM (the intellegent matrix) is an array of 8×16 individually addressable pixels of the same ilk as RowGB.  It is essentially 8 pre-stacked RowGBs but with a very flexible control circuit that allows you to control the whole array with a single pin or up to 10 boards (1280 pixels) chained together using 8 input pins.

Now that the tests are complete, we are ready to go into production.  Please send us an email at you’d like to be updated on availability.


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