THANK YOU: AlaMode Recall

We have been dealing with our first product recall!  Oh, how exciting.  Why should Samsung and Sony have all the fun?

At issue is a reversed capacitor that has a tendency to explode when you do something silly, like power the unit.  We would like to extend a thank you to all the AlaMode customers that have stuck with us during this troubling hick up.  The vast, vast majority of you have been very understanding and we really appreciate that.

The even better news is that we have remedied the problem.  I just tested all of the replacements with 100% success!

Customer Feedback:

Fran (after receiving full refund): “Oh yeah right like I’m going to lift even a single finger to help you after this”

John: “No Problem!   Glad it was a nice “pick me up”.  As a fellow small business owner who’s been through a product recall, I applaud how you guys have handled it!  Looking forward to getting the AlaMode back ;)”

David: “Thanks Justin.  We look forward to getting it back.  Keep up the great work.”


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