‘Alamode is on the way!


Kevin has been working night and day to fully test the Alamode design.  The design passed with flying colors.  My SMD workmanship failed miserably though!  We believe the failure mode on some of the sample boards is overheating of the 3v to 5v level shifter during installation.  Both Kevin and Anool managed to assemble without destroying the level shifter.  My hats off to both of them.

The test fixture pictured above deserves its own mention.  This is made up of a 3.3v Mega Pro from Sparkfun, with their (pathetic aaarg!) Mega Shield and the Seeed TFT Touch ($35!) shield on the top.  The complete test procedure is available GitHub, but it all boils down to happy and sad emoticons.

We will have the Alamode available for pre-order as soon as we hear back on expected delivery date.