Probotix Fireball Comet Quickstart Guide

This post is geared to getting your Probotix Fireball Comet up and running as easily as possible.

Before you begin, take some time to make sure your Comet is complete and you are ready to go.  Consider this checklist the minimal requirements.


Included in the Fireball Comet complete kit

– Fireball Comet CNC router

– Computer

– Display

– Mouse

– Keyboard

– Joystick

– Probotix ProboStep stepper motor controller

– Network connectivity (strongly recommended). Contact probotix for the root password to your system. Change the password immediately!

You Supply

– 7 Electrical outlets (power strip)

– 36″x48″ sturdy table for Router

– Computer table or stand


– Set up the compter, display, keyboard and mouse.parallel port – Plug joystick into computer. As configured EMC2 will not run without the joystick plugged in.

– Connect the ProboStep parallel connector to the central parallel port. There are three parallel ports on the computer. As configured, only this port will work.

– Position the comet so that the cables reach the ProboStep controller.

– Connect the X, Y, Z and A cables as labeled. Connect the final round plug (unlabeled) in to the last remaining space.

– Connect the e-stop cable. This looks like a small headphone jack.

– Connect spindle power cord into ProboStep

– Connect the four power plugs from the ProboStep into a power strip.




Power on and Home:

– Boot up computer

– Start EMC2, Penguin Icon on Desktop

(This starts the AXIS interface)

– Flip power switch on the ProboStep

– Clear ESTOP [F1]

(The “E” stands for electronic)

– In EMC2 click “Toggle Power” button[F2]

(Check that lower left hand corner of the window says “ON”)

– Click “Home All”. The gantry will move all axes to find the limit switches.



Test Jog:

Two buttons need to be pressed simultaneousness to manually control the router: a speed button with the right hand, and a axis button with the left.  First enable the joystick by clicking the button indicated below by the green arrow.  A red light is on when the joystick is enabled.  Familiarize yourself with the action by driving your new router around the block.

First drawing (with a pen)

– Tape a marker to the spindle clamp

– Tape a clean sheet of paper to lower left hand corner the spoil board

– Jog the gantry near the middle left hand side of the page and down so that the pen is just above the page.

– Click the “Z” axis radio button and then the “Touch Off” button. This sets the height of your material.

– The EMC2 test file should be loaded by default on startup. If not download the file from here .

– Step through the first through lines of G-Code until you are satisfied that everything is functioning well.

– Click the run button

– Congrats! Its beer thirty.


First Cut


Download PDF

4 thoughts on “Probotix Fireball Comet Quickstart Guide

  1. I have purchased a Probotix Comet and Vcarve Pro software. I have no problem creating the file in Vcarve, however when i open the file in EMC2 the file position is outside the bounding box in the X, Y range therefore it tell’s me that it will not run. New to this so please bear with me…. Jerry

    • Jerry,

      Sorry to hear you are having trouble with VCarve. I know your frustration, but have confidence. You will get it figured out. We are also just newbies at this. I have never played with VCarve. You might try the yahoo group “”.


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