Our ClockTHREEjr Partners.

Given the recent success of ClockTHREEjr, we thought it was appropriate to point out our partnerships, without whom ClockTHREEjr would not be possible.

Volunteer Partnerships:  These partners have not asked for any compensation for supporting ClockTHREEjr.

  • Wise Time With Arduino, (FlorinC) http://timewitharduino.blogspot.com/ — The original impetus for bringing the costs down on ClockTHREEjr and project lead
  • Brian Krontz, http://www.briankrontz.com/ — Photographer.  Brian indicated in no uncertain terms how much room for improvement we had in the photographic arts!  We challenged him to “show us what we were missing” and that he did.

Please visit their websites and price them on your next project.  We have found them to be reliable and more affordable than all of their competitors.

  • Hines Design Labs http://angushines.com — Custom CNC work, and laser cutting.  Angus re-designed our faceplates to be much more manufacturable and flexible.  We have priced other services and have found Angus Hines to be literally half the cost.
  • Seeed Studio, http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/ — PCB, kits, assembly.  We were shocked by the discounts we could receive from Seeed Studio if we could buy in quantities of 100 or more.




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