Installing on Linux.

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Windows users should start here.

Mac users should start here.

Wifit was developed on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.  Linux users should not have any difficulty installing it.


  1. Python2.7
  2. PIL
  3. Numpy

I’ve written a small script (also included below) to do the legwork for you.  This will work on the Raspberry Pi too, but its pretty slow.


sudo apt-get install python
sudo apt-get install python-imaging
sudo apt-get install python-imaging-tk
sudo apt-get install python-numpy
sudo rm -f $
unzip -o $

Either copy and past the above script into a file or save the script into  Your desktop might be a reasonable place to save it or in a temporary folder.  Change directories to where you saved the script.  And execute it.  You will be prompted for your root password.

Now use it!

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