At some point, you may wish to re-program your ClockTHREE or ClockTHREEjr or maybe you are building a clock from scratch. This post will walk you through the steps. Outline:
  1. Download and install Arduino for your target platform. (More details can be found here.)
  2. Download and install ClockTHREE source code
  3. Point Arduino to your newly extracted library files.
  4. Using a text editor, edit source code: set compile options and language
    #define CLOCKTHREEJR // uncomment this line for ClockTHREEjr
    // #include "english.h" // only need one language at a time
    // #include "german.h"
    #include "english_jr.h"
    // #include "german_jr.h"
    // English faceplate = English();      // Only need one at a time
    // German faceplate = German();      
    EnglishJr faceplate = EnglishJr();
    // GermanJr faceplate = GermanJr();      
  5. Compile and upload <sketchbook>/libraries/ClockTHREE/examples/ClockTHREE_02.pde. Click the arrow button, second from the right. Right when the black message area at the bottom of the Arduino window displays the message "Binary sketch size:..." click the reset button on ClockTHREE. The timing can be tricky so you may have to experiment.
  6. Congratulations! That is it. Now you can customize the code to your hearts content!