ClockTHREE Jr w/ FlorinC!

FlorinC has come up with ClockTHREE Jr! This is a smaller PCB with 112 individually addressable mono LEDs.  Anool and I have agreed to team up with him.  We still need to decide the final architecture.  I think it would be super easy to base it off of ClockTHREE with only one rtcBOB.  Florin has been working with another design.

Should be great fun.


Florin decided to to go with the ClockTHREE design.  Anool pointed out that rowBOB will actually support 16 rows of LEDs and we only need 8.  He also pointed out the perfect replacement part.  Should save money and be easier to build.  Also, this will be our first board with the new OSHW logo!  

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