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Buy Clock3 clocks, kits and parts on the catalog page!

ClockTHREE is a clock that tells the time in words a la QlockTWO and the Worduino. Each of these clocks contains an array of LEDs behind a lettered faceplate. The faceplate itself is like a word search that hides all of the words needed to spell out the time. The words become visible only when they are selectively backlit with computer-controlled LEDs.

Although the spacing is a little different, the clock is read left to right, top to bottom. Care has been taken to ensure that the the displayed time is a complete sentence, that, when spoken, flows naturally.

ClockTHREE is available as Open Source Hardware. Or you can buy parts from us at different levels of production, depending on how much or little you would like to put together yourself. All kits will be available for sale here, as soon as we have paypal running. In the mean time, send us an email and we'll get you set up.

ClockTHREE opens up several advantages to both QlockTWO and the Worduino. QlockTWO is a beautiful piece that would look great on any wall, but, since it is closed source, it is very difficult customize, say to add a new language. And personally, I don't believe any word clock is complete without a designated time every day: "BEER THIRTY." There is no way to add this to QlockTWO.

The Worduino has fixed LED word groups. So it is also very difficult to modify without hardware redesign.

Both of these clocks are limited to a single color LED behind each letter.

ClockTHREE, our third clock, contains an array of multi-color red/green/blue (or RGB) LEDs, each of which can be controlled completely independently. You can think of this array as a very very low resolution TV screen with 16 columns and 10 rows of RGB LEDs. This array allows for a much more dynamic display. Now, with a new faceplate and some custom programming, any written language can be supported. So far English and German are supported.

ClockTHREE is the larger, full color RGB model. It measures 10 inches by 13 inches and has 160 individually addressable LEDs. We an English version and Two German versions of this clock. It is not too difficult to create another language and we would be delighted to work with you to create a Dutch version. You can choose the faceplate color and font and style (either ALL CAPS or all lower case). For additional expense you can get a two-color faceplate (see attached photo of a recent Wedding gift clock). Also, we are happy to provide custom lettering for the same cost as each faceplate is custom made anyway. See Google Web Fonts for more font ideas.

Here is the ClockTHREE price list (buyer responsible for actual shipping $45 to EU). Assembled clocks (all colors and fonts):

  • ClockTHREE Base: $444
  • ClockTHREE Two Color $484

Kit: 4-12 hours to build depending on your skill level

  • ClockTHREE Base kit: $333
  • ClockTHREE Two Color kit: $373

ClockTHREE hardwood deskstand: $10

ClockTHREEjr is a slightly smaller version of our clock. This clock sports an array of 16x8 = 128 single color (we use white by default) LEDs. The outside dimensions are 9 inches square. It runs a slightly modified version of the ClockTHREE code. The same faceplate and language choices are available for ClockTHREEjr as for ClockTHREE.

Here is the ClockTHREEjr price list Assembled clocks (all colors and fonts):

  • ClockTHREEjr Base: $250
  • ClockTHREEjr Two Color $290

Kit: 2-6 hours to build depending on your skill level
  • ClockTHREEjr Base kit: $170
  • ClockTHREEjr Two Color kit: $210

ClockTHREEjr hardwood deskstand: $10

Applications are not limited to word clocks. I think the coolest app for ClockTHREE will be the sunclock. At a glance you can see where on the Earth the sun is shining. I'm going to add small digital display to show the actual time.

In the above image, the illumination of each LED is simulated. In this application, the LEDs will backlight a translucent map to indicate where in the world the sun is shining.

A great non-clock application idea comes from our friend Nat in Laramie. He'd like to know the temperature outside in plain English like "IT'S RIDICULOUSLY COLD OUT THERE" or if it's nice "YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT WEATHER WITH A STICK."

What would you do with this array? We want to hear from you!

Buy Clock3 clocks, kits and parts on the catalog page!