MakeSmith CNC

The rest of the WyoLum crew get to have fun with laser cutters and 3D printers to build cool and interesting Open Source goodies for everyone. I figured I needed to get in on some construction action too, so I recently purchased a MakeSmith DIY CNC machine ( from their recently completed Kickstarter Campaign (I love Kickstarter…;-). It’s a very low cost entry into a small scale CNC set up (work area approx 9 inch square) for hobbies etc. and I couldn’t resist the idea of trying it out. Over the next few months I thought it would be interesting to post some updates to the blog detailing how I get on with putting it together and what I end up using it for..


Chronogram2 – A Modern Timepiece

If you’re at all familiar with the C3Jr (which you should be given you’re reading the WyoLum blog..;-), then you may know about it’s larger sibling the Chronogram2. Originally offered as part of the Kickstarter campaign, it’s two C3Jr’s combined to tell time minute by minute in glorious fashion. Here’s how to put one together (see attached PDF)!


Chronogram2 Construction

A Little (Time)Piece of History…

This is where it all began for me, the discovery of the unique ClockTHREE on Kickstarter. As an avid fan of putting electronic kits together, especially those of the time-telling variety, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to own a ClockTHREE and decided to put one together. This also served as my introduction to Justin and the ingenious team at WyoLum and after several years of building ClockTHREE Jr’s for friends and colleagues I was flattered to join the team and try and contribute new ideas! I recently spruced my ClockTHREE up and positioned it ‘pride of place’ in my new living room along with another cherished time-piece (see photos). Interested in owning a unique timepiece? Check out the ClockTHREE Jr here at and build one of your own. [available here]